LAFARGE Bazian Power Plant 72MW


4x18V48/60 MAN Engines


ESCOM initially proved its professional quality and specialization in the sector with the successful operation on Erection and Commissioning works of Bazian Power Plant. Two engines from Birlik Power Plant and two engines from Batman Power Plant were relocated, transported, re-erection, re-designed adapted automation and protection systems and piping, which all is carried out by its own team against the toughest challenges in Northern Iraq / Suleymaniyah.

Erection Works

Engines and Alternators foundation preparations
Concrete base alignment
Engine frame and oil sump assembling
Generator alignment and fixing
All piping and cabling works
Auxiliary modules installation
Exhaust gas and waste heat boiler installation
Pump House Equipment Installation
Tanks Installation
Radiators, coolers and cooling towers
Water Treatment Instruments Installation

Design & Engineering

MV and LV distribution panels
Engines safety and control panels
Piping and flow calculations
Adaptations of the different systems into common target
Adaptation and upgrades of Fuel Oil on Separators, Booster Units and Engines to be used as main consumable instead of Diesel Oil

Supervision and Commissioning

132/11 kV Substation
Engines and auxiliaries Commissioning
Flushing, pickling and acid baths of the piping
Chemical formation of the operating medias
Alternators Commissioning
Calibration of the instruments
Alarms and Safety Checks
Functionality Checks
Test and Reliability Run of the Power Plant
Hand Over procedures


For 7 years, ESCOM operating the plant in island mode, with %97 efficiency.
24 hrs. uninterrupted clean power production in island mode
Preventive and protective maintenance interferences on time
Keeping all power plant systems and equipments in service
Reporting of power production and consumption of fuel, lub-oil, water, chemicals and other consumables
Cost analysis reports


132/11 kV Substation Step-up Transformers
Engines all planned maintenance.
(6000, 12000, 24000 and major 36000 running hrs) Unplanned maintenances in a professional way, minimizing the costs of spare parts troubleshooting
Performing the maintenance as quick as possible without causing any power loss
interfering the unexpected breakdowns by offering cost effective and rapid solutions

Equipment Supply

ESCOM supplies spare parts to the Lafarge, in fastest way.
All parts are delivered in time and ready to use.