Kodda Power Plant 155MW


9x18V51/60DF MAN Engines


ESCOM with proved professional quality and specialization in the sector, have been granted by MAN Diesel&Turbo SE with a global contract in order to support MAN about supervision and commissioning of the Power Plants driven by MAN engines around the worldKodda Power Plant is one of the projects that carried out by MAN and ESCOM.


Engine foundation and coupling final adjustments
Flushing, pickling and acid baths of the piping
Chemical formation of the operating medias 

Supervision and Commissioning

Engines and auxiliaries Commissioning

Calibration of the instruments

Alarms and Safety Checks

Functionality Checks

Final tuning of the Engines

Cam-lift and ignition pressure adjustments
Consumption Test
Test and Reliability Run of the Power Plant
Hand Over procedures