Erection works of power plants equipped with Diesel / HFO / Gas Engines, Biomass and green power plants

• All civil and steel construction works
• Engines/Turbines and alternators foundation preparations, concrete base alignment
• Engine/Turbine frame and oil sump assembling, alignment and fixing
• All piping works including welding, flushing, pickling, acid bath and all chemical and mechanical cleanings
• LV/MV /HV cabling, wiring, cable jointing / termination and instrumentation

Ask the Expert

Let ESCOM to help you in feasibility / designing stages, relocation, refurbishment of the power plants.

Supervisory services are provided for all civil and steel works, disassembling, relocation, transport, assembling, erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance works of especially Diesel / HFO / Gas Engines, Biomass and green power plants with all auxiliaries.

Fire Up

Test it Fire it.

Final checks of installed engines, turbines and all auxiliaries, piping and cabling installations, performing safety and alarm tests, evaluation of all temperature and pressure values, application of shut down and emergency stop scenarios and delivery of all the power plant systems in operation to customer.

7/24 Alive

Operation services upon the request of the customer after commissioning includes;

• 24 hrs uninterrupted clean power production in island or synchronized mode
• Keeping all power plant systems and equipment in service.
• Reporting for power production and consumption of fuel, lub-oil, water, chemicals and other consumables
•Continuous Know-how support to the customer for better, cheaper, safer and more reliable operation

EscoMAN at Work

Maintenance services of power plants includes;

• Unplanned – planned maintenances in a professional way, minimizing the costs of spare parts, unplanned maintenances and troubleshooting
• Performing the maintenance as quick as possible without causing any power loss
• Interfering the unexpected breakdowns by offering cost effective and rapid solutions

Power Plant Management

Let’s manage together

Our experience and management services span every phase of a power plant projects, from development through asset management, and nearly every conventional and alternative energy technology. Our management services are marked by our commitment to provide exactly the right approach to meet our client’s need...

Design and Engineering

Cost effective, fully automated and accurate designs according to our clients demands.

Based on our extensive experience and industry network, ESCOM offers a broad range of up-grade, lifetime extension and rehabilitation measures on part or full turnkey basis, such as new automation panels, building, piping or auxiliary equipment retrofit, refurbishment, renewing on a cycle or complete step of your process.


Well educated, Well motivated.

ESCOM offers training programs to the plant managers, operators and maintenance teams in theory and practice on site on specific subjects in order to ensure high performance with well trained, motivated plant staff.

Equipment Supply

Easy and Fast

Only we can understand you, we can understand one part is vital asset for a complete facility, its emergency, rightness and ready to installation is important. Thus ESCOM provides spare parts in fastest way to your hands, with a service engineer on demand.