GUELBS II Power Plant 60MW


6x16VPC2.5B Pielstick Engines


ESCOM has been granted by MAN Energy Solutions France SAS to rehabilitate the two S.E.M.T Pielstick Gensets which were exposed to fire that took place on engine, auxiliary modules and control panels.
ESCOM has replaced damaged equipment, instruments, cables and pipes with brand new ones, cleaned and painted complete engine in a very short time including alternator major maintenance. ESCOM also support MAN France on commissioning of Gensets. Thanks to the team effort.

Cleaning and Disposal

Engines have been cleaned from deposits, rust, burn marks and existing paints had been removed.
Painting engines on site.
Cleaning and disposal of damaged modules.
Cleaning and Painting auxiliary module area.


Installation of new modules,
Manufacturing and installation of pipes,
Installation of new cable ways.
Installation of new supports.
Complete re-cabling and installation instruments and sensors on Engines and auxiliary area,
Installation and adaptation of pipes and cables,
Installation of control panels,
Retrofitting of platform and engine area.

Erection and Supervision

Mechanical and chemical cleaning of pipes,
Static pressure tests of pipes,
Instrumentation checks.
Hot and cold checks of cables,
I/O checks and functionality checks of modules and Engine instrumentation.
Quality assurance and checks.


Alternator Major Maintenances have been carried out for two Gensets in order to check fire effect on machines.
Foundation and bearing checks,
High voltage control,
Stator and rotor control,
Excitation system control,
Lubricating system control,
Cooling system control,
Dielectric measurement,
Start up and machine operation checks,


Commissioning of complete auxiliary modules,
Commissioning Support of Genset including;
Calibration of the instruments

Alarms and Safety Checks

Functionality Checks

Final tuning of the Engines

Consumption Test
Test and Reliability Run of the Gensets
Submitting as built drawings.